The Dicconson Group Practice

Boston House, Wigan Health Centre, Frog Lane, Wigan WN6 7LB



Dr P. J. Southern MBBS (Lond) UK DRCOG

Registered 1/8/84. Dr Southern graduated from St Mary’s hospital London (now part of Imperial College) in 1983. He joined the practice in 1983. Special interests in the practice include acupuncture and minor surgery. Usual days of work are Monday, Tuesday, Weds and Thursday (am only)

Dr K. E. Hosie MB ChB (Man) UK DCH DRCOG

Registered 1/9/99. Graduated from Manchester University in 1999, and completed GP training in Bolton n 2003. Joined the practice in 2003, and is now lead Foundation Year 2 trainer in the practice, as well as mentoring undergraduate medical students and an OSCE examiner for Manchester University. Usual days of work are Mon (am), Tues, Weds.


Registered 4/8/00. Graduated from Manchester University in 2000, and completed GP training in Bolton in 2004. Joined the practice in 2004.  Interests in the surgery are cancer and Palliative Care and are also Wigan Borough CCG Cancer and End of Life Lead GP. Dr Hosie also is a member of Manchester Cancer Lung and Upper GI Cancer pathway boards. Dr L Hosie is n approved GP Trainer and is responsible for ST3 training (GP registrar) training within the practice.

Dr J. F. Davies MBChB (Man) MRCGP BSc

Registered 1/0/02. Graduated from Manchester university in  2001 and completed GP training in Chorley in 2006. Joined the practice in 2006, and is responsible for ST2 training (approved GP trainer) within the practice. Dr Davies is also the CCG lead for ICNT (integrated community neighbourhood team) and represents the practice at CCG GP locality meetings.

Dr Jennifer Graham MBChB BSc (Hons) (MAN)

Registered 1/8/07. Graduated from  Edinburgh University and completed GP training in  Wigan 2013. Dr Graham joined the practice in 2013. Dr Graham is involved in undergraduate medical student training at the surgery, minor surgery and joint injections, and is currently mentoring a nurse through a non-medical prescribing course.

Dr C Hart  –  MBBS MRCGP

Registered 1/8/06. Graduated from St Georges Medical Hospital Medical School (London) in 2006, and completed GP training in Wigan in 2013. Dr Hart joined the practice in 2015 and is involved in undergraduate medical student training and joint injections.

Practice Nurses

Sister Carole Mason RGN

Sister Clare Twist – Diploma In Higher Education In Adult Branch Nursing.

Health Care Worker

Jean Stewart

April Clifton

Practice Manager

Jeanette Cooper – AMSPAR Diploma in Practice Administration NVQ4 Management.

Office Manager

Gail Harrison

Reception Manager 

Cheryl Ashman

Practice Admin Team

Jan, Mary, Chloe G, Cloe C, Debbie, Dawn, Audrey, Chloe B & Peter