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As a borough we have been asked to come together as a group of practices to start to deliver the COVID vaccine to our patients. Due to the logistics of storage etc, the first mass clinic  will held on Wednesday 16th  December at Robin Park, as a borough, we are receiving a limited number of vaccines so more clinics will be set up once the vaccine supply starts to come through . A member of the wider primary care team will start to contact patients who are registered with GP practices who are aged 80yrs and over to offer an appointment – given the challenge we face re time frames, we would like to ask for your co-operation and a degree of flexibility around appointment times.  Please note, if you don’t call a phone call, there will be other clinics set up for this age group once more vaccines become available to us.

The national roll out will determine the arrangements for housebound, nursing home patients , front line staff and other age groups.  More information to follow when available to us.

Can we also encourage anyone who has been invited for a flu jab to please contact us as we are continuing to offer the vaccine. It is really important we protect as many people as possible during this time.  This includes pregnant ladies.

We will also  be sending out a text to all patients in the 50-64 age group who do not fall into any of the at risk groups for flu vaccine  (ie various conditions or illnesses) – these appointments will also be offered at Robin Park next week on Mon, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday as well as at the practice.

We are really proud of all of our practice team who, despite the time frame, have come together to allow the vaccines to be delivered safely. We also want to thank Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group for their fantastic support in this endeavour.

Despite all of this, the practice remains ‘open’ and we do encourage anyone to contact us if you need need advice or support. We continue to remain covid  secure  and this is to protect you, your families and our staff. We may take slightly longer to answer the telephone or reply to ‘askmygp’ as we are also experiencing staff shortage and are needing to redeploy some of our staff to the vaccination centres.

By all working together we will get through this.

Please Stay safe  and pass this onto your family and friends.