The Dicconson Group Practice

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New roles are being introduced into General Practice both directly and via the Primary Care Networks.

Practice teams look very different these days and our team at Boston House is no exception.

The Practice Team :-

5 GP Partners

2 Advanced Practitioners

1 Practice Pharmacist

3 Salaried GPs

3 Practice Nurses

1 Health Care Assistant

1 Trainee Nurse Associate

To become an GP in the UK, Qualified Doctors must undertake a further 3 year specialist training program. As a training practice we will also have a number of GP Trainees, Nurses and Medical Students working within the practice.


Practice Admin Team:-

14 admin which include Secretarial and Care Navigators / Reception

3 Managers

We also have additional clinical and non clinical staff provided through the Primary Care Network that work alongside our Practice Staff Team. These staff are shared and work across all the Practices in Wigan Central and North Wigan Primary Care Networks.


We share the following staff:

6 First Contact Practitioners

6 Pharmacists

1 Pharmacy Technician

2 Care Co-Ordinator’s with 2 more starting soon

2 Adult Mental Health Worker  – starting soon

2 Child Mental Health Worker – starting soon

4 Community Link Workers

A range of Admin and Managerial staff who support the Primary Care Network Practices

All medical requests are clinically triaged and are processed in priority order although not all patients need to see a GP or Advanced Practitioner. It may be more appropriate eg for someone with a musculoskeletal problem to be directed to a First Contact Practitioners and someone enquiring about a social issue to be directed to the Community Link Worker. A query with regards to a chronic disease may be directed to our nursing team, whilst a question with regards to an existing referral to another service may go directly to one of our secretarial staff.

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Date published: 24th November, 2021
Date last updated: 24th November, 2021